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Reasons Why Dan’s a Fail (yay) (3/4)

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never ignore someone who is genuinely nice and is messaging you. they want to talk to you!! even if they’re being annoying it really doesn’t take anything to write a sentence in reply and if they are really getting on your nerves, just say you’re busy. they’ll understand. never ignore someone. they want to share something with you and they want your views on it or they just want to talk about the weather and how good justin timberlake is. please reply

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Anonymous: so how did your Jonghyun haircut go?


pretty good i think!



So I just hit 15k and I’m literally crying right now I mean 15000 followers wow that is insane? I’ve made such good friends on here especially in the last few weeks so yh thank you so much for being wonderful people, I really appreciate every single one of you ok you’re all amazing and perfect and I love you. (& i’m sure i’ve forgot someone ah sorry) ♥

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omg congrats u TOTALLY deserve it ur blog is amazing and thank you!!!

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school's started again so i'm a bit busy


reading: the kill order - james dashner
listening to: x -ed sheeran
the 5sos album